TEN, Mitochondria, and YOU

Our bodies are composed of approximately 37 trillion cells, each of which require energy in order to function properly. Every action we take, every word, breath, step, and even thought we make every second of every day all take energy to produce. In fact, your brain uses more energy than any other organ of your body, up to 20 percent of the body's total energy production is consumed by the brain alone. This means that when we don’t have enough energy within the body, it can have a profound impact on your brain and your health.

When we don’t have enough energy, not only do we feel tired during the day, but we also often feel less focused, less productive, and lethargic. Adequate energy levels are extremely important to total body wellness.

Almost all of the body’s energy is created within the cells by organelles called mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouses inside our cells and responsible for helping drive almost every action of your body. Therefore, if you had more mitochondria and more efficient mitochondria, you would have more energy starting at the cellular level.

In recent years, scientists have discovered the importance of mitochondria in how it relates to your health and the study of human aging, which is not surprising given how crucial mitochondria are to nearly every function in your body.  As we age, the number of our mitochondria naturally decline and become less efficient. Outside factors such as pollution, improper diet, stress, and a slew of other environmental factors can increase the levels of free radicals and oxidative stress--an imbalance of antioxidants within your body--which have a direct effect on the health of your mitochondria. These outside factors can have intense effects on your mitochondria, which can lead to decrease of cellular energy, which then could negatively influence countless aspects of your health.

This is why we decided to focus on cellular health, specifically the health of your mitochondria, as a new approach to wellness. We want to revolutionize the supplement industry by providing something that works at the cellular level, that is also convenient and always backed by science.

After a lot of research and clinical testing, we discovered the amazing benefits of Bode Pro TEN, a supplement that specifically targets the health of your mitochondria. We looked at what happens to your mitochondria as you age and sought out to help you create more youthful cells.

TEN has been clinically supported to show the ability to help your body create new mitochondria, make your mitochondria more efficient, all while protecting them from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.* This means that TEN can give you more energy and more stamina to do the things that you love.*

 We’ve found that adding Bode Pro TEN to the cells improve this charge, especially under stressful conditions, and allows the mitochondria to have more resilience under stress.* Not only that, but Bode Pro TEN was shown to help protect mitochondrial function under stressful conditions as well as provide protection when cells are inflamed.*

TEN contains potent antioxidants that help protect your valuable mitochondria from the damaging effects of free radicals.* Not only does Bode Pro TEN contain antioxidants that can enter into your living cells to protect them, but TEN also inhibits future free radical formation, thus providing multifaceted cellular protection*

In our randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, Bode Pro TEN was shown to work quickly with changes seen in just two hours with lasting effects.* After just two hours, positive changes were actually observed in the mitochondrial activity and participants reported feeling more energized.*

This study also illustrated that cells treated with Bode Pro TEN, and then stressed by damaging free radicals, were much more functional than cells not treated by Bode Pro TEN.* Since oxidative stress is responsible for the degradation of mitochondria, this is a very important effect of this powerful supplement.

All of these observable benefits can be described simply as TEN being able to give your body the ability to produce more mitochondria, while both protecting your existing mitochondria as well as making them more efficient.* The combination of these benefits can lead to an increase in your total body energy starting at the cellular level.* These benefits are measurable in the lab, and observable in our daily lives.

Since TEN is a very potent energy supplement, we've found it's best to take it every day with a full meal. Many seem to enjoy it in the morning with breakfast to help give you an optimal start each and every day. We can’t think of a better way to kick off each morning than breakfast with TEN.

We set out to redefine your idea of cellular health and give you access to a supplement that truly helps you Age Smarter. TEN is that something. We feel that TEN it is different, revolutionary, and definitely something you will want to experience it for yourself.