What are Nootropics?

You’ve probably heard us throw around the word “nootropic” a few times, but you might be wondering what exactly are nootropics? “Sometimes called smart drugs, brain boosters, or memory-enhancing drugs, the term "nootropics" was coined by scientist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea . . . The word is derived from the Greek noo, meaning mind, and trope, which means ‘change’ in French. In essence, all nootropics aim to change your mind by enhancing functions like memory or attention.”[1]* And really, couldn’t we all use a mental boost now and again? Think of those days when you’re tired or have a hundred things on your to do list and you feel like you just don’t have the mental capacity to sort through everything. It’s like having dozens of tabs open on your mental browser. Nootropics can help with that!

Nootropic research is new and developing in many areas, but science moves so rapidly these days that new studies are constantly being published as trials are completed.

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