“Happy” Travels!

The holidays sometimes require a lot from us, including traveling. Even if you love to travel, you have to admit that parts of it are stressful: shuffling through the airport security line in your socks, sitting next to that one person who is patient zero for a new strain of tuberculosis, or, if you’re traveling by car, attempting to locate the one public bathroom along the road that is least likely to have fecal matter smeared on the walls. Each mode of travel has its challenges and can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. So why not pack some Happy in your luggage?

Bod•ē Happy and Bod•ē Bee Happy are specifically designed to promote productivity, focus, alertness, and support cognitive function.* It also gives you a natural energy lift when you need it with 125 mgs of natural caffeine.* The best part of all? It comes in a little packet that will pass any security standards and won’t take up a ton of room in your luggage. Just mix it with water and you’re on your way to Happy! Bod•ē Happy and Bod•ē Bee Happy also have the added benefit of supporting healthy skin, hair, and nails, so while your fellow travelers might feel rundown, you’ll be giving yourself a beauty treatment from the inside out.* Plus, you can bring that extra bit of happiness you feel to your loved ones. We’re not saying that listening to your relative’s boring story about shoe shopping for the 100th time is going to be more interesting with Happy . . . but we’re not saying it won’t, either.

When you’re packing for the upcoming holidays, don’t forget to bring your own Happy on your trip. Plus, it’s the season of joy--why not let that happiness start with you? It’s also the season of giving, and every time you order Bod•ē Bee Happy, a donation is made to the Honeybee Conservancy! Give happy, be happy!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Steven Sheffey