Be Bod•ē Strong

When many of us begin on a health and wellness journey, a lot of us want to feel strong. But what does that really mean? Surely we don’t all want to be able to lift a car over our heads (although, if that’s your goal, more power to you). More often than not, we want to feel like we have achieved a level of strength that’s right for us. True strength comes from within, which is why it’s so important to give your body the essential nutrients it craves to create a strong foundation for your personal wellness.

This is where Bod•ē Strong comes into play. Caffeine-free and non-carbonated, it features a spectrum of vitamins (including A, C, and E), over 65 plant-sourced major, trace, and ultra-trace minerals, and a proprietary phytonutrient blend, along with 20mg of plant-sourced silica known to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.* This proprietary formula may be the most powerful liquid antioxidant available anywhere, creating a strong base for your wellness.* Just one little packet enhances anti-aging and immune boosting properties to support your immune system, supports collagen production, and helps to fight against free radicals that can cause oxidative stress to your system.* Plus, it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, bypassing any weird nonsense and just getting right to the good stuff. Just mix it with 12-16 oz of purified water and you’re good to go!

There’s so much going on in our lives that drain us and make us feel tired. Why not give yourself a boost and start your day Bod•ē Strong? This little packet can fit right in your pocket (even those ridiculous excuses for pockets clothing designers stick in women’s wear), making it easy to take this strength with you throughout your day. Don’t just be strong; be Bod•ē Strong!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Steven Sheffey